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Everyone wants to know what the best diet is for a healthy life. But just as one size does not fit all, one diet does not keep all healthy. It means that the same food may be beneficial for one and may cause harm to the other depending upon body type and health status. The best diet plan for weight loss for you means a balanced diet so that your body receives all important Canadian nutritionists in proper proportion. It means our body needs the right balance of carbohydrates for energy, proteins for maintaining lean body mass in muscles, fats as a second energy source, and vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning and for helping you achieve your weight loss goals with any compromise on nutrition.


But that is not what a diet seems to be in the real world. You are surrounded by temptations in the form of unhealthy foods all around you. Learning how to navigate your life despite having so many temptations around is an art. We coach you in this art, and the knowledge and skills you learn during our best diet program help you sustain your weight loss Canada results forever. Our customized diet plan is unique for you as you are unique with your own weight, height, activity levels, age, body type, lifestyle, nutritional needs, and health goals. We at Live Life More offer an ideal diet program to our clients, catering to all their needs with personalized diet plans. Explore the world of healthy eating in Canada with our expert guidance.

The different body needs a different diet

Over the years, we have come across many people who think everyone needs the same Canadian Wellness Diet. But that is not at all true. Medical reports have shown how diet requirements change according to body type, weight, food habits, etc. This is where we come in! As a popular and reputed diet consultant in Surrey, we ensure our clients are happy with the Customized Diet Plan Canada we have made for them.

Following a proper Low-Carb diet can easily avoid several health problems, from kidney stones to cardiac issues. Therefore, at present, everyone needs to be conscious about what they are eating. Our best dietician works closely with the clients and ensures the diet program is curated to meet all needs in the best possible manner. Our expert guidance ensures a customized approach for your unique health goals. Whether you’re considering a Vegetarian Diet in Canada.

How we design personalized diet plans?

Do you know that your nutritional needs are as unique as you are? You and any person of the same age won’t have the same nutritional requirements even if you were twins.

But, it is a common belief that most people consider the diet to be more or less similar. So, let our Dietitian in Canada walk you through the main factors our Indian dietician Surrey considers while designing a custom diet plan.

1. Bodyweight: Based on the body weight, the diet plan will vary from one person to the other. A thin person with lesser pounds needs a diet with more calories to increase the overall weight. On the other hand, our Diet consultant in Surrey prepares a low-calorie diet for people with more body weight above to lose the extra pounds.
2. Age: Children and young people need a more calorie diet plan, while the elderly require a less calorie-laden diet plan due to their age differences.

3. Activity: If a person is engaged in too much physical activity, the diet plan will include more carbohydrates and protein than someone who is not physically active.

4. Health Status: Everyone has unique health challenges and needs modifications in the diet accordingly. Our diet consultant keeps in mind your health goals and not just your desired body weight you want to achieve.

What You Will Get?

● Our best dietician for weight loss will curate a diet plan according to your eating pattern, body type, weight, and health goals.

● You will receive a new customized diet chart based on your food habits every week.

● We ensure the best and right diet plan we prepare is doable in the long run for sustainable results.

● You are free to ask questions through ongoing Whatsapp chat support with your health coach and a weekly consultation.

● With the best results of your search dietician near me, you won’t have to look further for a customized diet plan.

● You can book calls with our expert nutrition and natural health consultant if you have any concerns with the good and healthy diet plan we have given you.

How we work

If you face any problem, you can contact your dieticians without hesitation. At our weight loss clinic, our dietician will enquire about your food habits, the weight goal, and several other questions to ensure the curated plan matches your lifestyle. Our dieticians will take up your calls and respond promptly because we understand your eagerness to have a healthier lifestyle.

Why choose LiveLifeMore for a healthy lifestyle?

LiveLifeMore is your one-stop destination for attaining a healthy lifestyle. A renowned weight loss clinic offering holistic health consultation by expert nutritionists. We have a skilled team of professionals who are certified in Natural medicines & weight-loss counseling to give the right advice to patients. Our range of services includes – Diet Plan, Keto Diet, Weight loss, Natural Health, Holistic Health, Ayurveda, Preventive Health Checkups, and more. Our expert-designed custom diet plan has helped thousands of people in losing excessive weight and opening the door to a fit and healthy life for them. Get access to a healthy life with our personalized health programs and improve the quality of your life.

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