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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does custom diet plan help reduce weight permanently?

Custom diet plan is designed keeping YOU in mind including your current health condition, goals, strength, limitations, time schedule, taste preferences. A custom meal plan not only helps you achieve your weight loss goal but it also helps keep the lost weight off by helping you form healthier mindset and habits. Sustainable results in health can be brought in by sustainable lifestyle & behavior changes.

Why see a Nutritionist?

Nutritionists are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise on diet and nutrition choices you need to make for achieving your health goals. A good nutritionist can discover what nutrients you are lacking in your diet and provide customized diet plans that can help you achieve the desired goal. Expert nutrition professionals also know how to manage a disease or lessen the severity of an illness with advice on a good diet plan, nutrition and lifestyle changes that can potentially reduce the need of medication.

How to stick to a healthy diet?

The growing awareness about the importance of a healthy diet for a healthy life is really appreciable. Thanks to the ongoing research proving it time and again with all the major health authorities placing Diet and Lifestyle changes as the foremost recommendations for nearly all the lifestyle conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. Eating a healthy diet has many benefits provided only if you stick to it. Having a health goal in mind and working on that goal by breaking into small steps can keep you motivated. Having a health mentor or a coach who guides you step by step on how to bring changes in your diet is a great advantage as he or she knows e=what you are going through and what you will feel at what stage.

Is Keto Diet better or Normal diet from a nutritionist’s point of view for reducing weight in a healthy way?

Keto diet is a highly popular form of reducing weight in a short time by restricting carbohydrate intake and the impact of metabolic syndrome can be reduced. But, as a team led by health professionals, we make sure that the weight loss is safe for the client in the long run. A complimentary health assessment is done as a mandatory practice to ascertain what would be a more practical solution for you in the long run. In comparison to a more practical approach of a normal home based diet, keto can give faster results but it completely depends upon your set of health concerns or blood work reports to guide us the best possible way of reducing the extra weight for you. We also consider the fact that a KETOGENIC Diet can be custom-designed either through edible FAT predominant approach or Protein predominant approach. It is advisable to consult health professionals before indulging in any diet plan and we have both a physician as well as a nutritionist under the same roof to help you choose the best suited approach of losing weight for you.

Eating Fruits on an empty stomach is good for health?

There is no good or bad time for eating fruits, hence they are good at any point in the day if you do not have any health concerns. But, if you have any specific health goals, the kind of fruits you are choosing may have a different impact on an empty stomach especially if you want to lose weight or you have diabetes. We keep various aspects such as glycemic index, fiber content, ayurvedic properties in mind while suggesting the fruits according to the season of the year.

How Nutritionist help to improve other health conditions?

Nutritionists are equipped with knowledge of what impact food has on the body and your health. Nutritionists keep in mind macronutrients such as Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat in foods along with the micronutrients such as vitamins & minerals in various food items.

The uniqueness of LiveLifeMore Diet and wellness is that LiveLifeMore is headed by a team of experienced health professionals including Dr. Sandeep Jassal, an integrative medicine physician who studied Indian system of medicine Ayurveda for 6 years followed by a post graduation in Preventive & Promotive health care and then a doctorate in natural medicine in canada along with his nutritionist wife Dietitian Pallavi Jassal who did a Masters in Foods & Nutrition followed by a Post Graduate Diploma In naturopathy & yoga. They along with a team of well qualified diet & lifestyle counsellors have years of expertise in the field using which they will provide satisfactory results.

How LiveLifeMore help to lose weight in a healthy way?

LiveLifeMore firmly believes in healthy weight loss in the form of muscle sparing FAT LOSS so that you retain your lean body mass that maintains your metabolism and reduces only the fat mass. Your weight loss should be health gain not health loss due to nutritionally poor and irrational crash diets.

LiveLifeMore is a unique diet and wellness clinic with a highly qualified team and rich experience of more than 46 years of cumulative experience. We have the awarded best nutritionist of punjab heading the clinic who has practiced as a certified dietician in India for 20 years. The icing on the cake is having the best lifestyle consultant on board as the medical director of the clinic who has studied medicine and has keen interest in diagnosing the root cause of your health problems and addressing the lifestyle to help you achieve your health goals rather than suggesting a time bound diet plan. We deliver a healthy lifestyle coaching through a customized diet plan that helps you achieve the desired fitness goal.