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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does your weight loss program work?

At LiveLifeMore, we start with a free telephonic consultation to discuss how best we can help you which is then followed by a comprehensive consultation with our experts once we feel confident that our expertise can bring the expected results and we qualify you for our program. You can expect to get your first custom diet plan and a set of recommendations in a day or two after our consultants have reviewed your medical history and the enrollment is done.

How can I lose weight with a gluten-free diet? How much weight will I lose?

Following a gluten-free diet requires avoiding all forms of gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. A gluten-free diet works best if you eliminate all wheat and gluten in your diet and exercise regularly. While a calorie deficit is important for any weight loss, avoiding gluten-containing foods can also help you reduce chronic inflammation that might exist in anybody even in the absence of gluten allergy. It may seem harder to you to ascertain if you would benefit from a gluten-free diet but we can help you decide about that after an assessment we offer. You can expect impressive weight loss of about 4-6 pounds a month with a gluten-free diet.

Can insurance cover your consultations?

That depends from case to case and you can check from your company. Although, you wouldn’t really need the coverage as we provide the most cost-effective personalized expert-monitored diet plans and weight loss solutions. Our prices are equivalent to the cost incurred in buying a good cup of coffee daily!

Is there a fee for one-time consultation?

We provide the first discovery call free of cost (10-15 minutes) but an elaborate and comprehensive consultation is roughly 30-40 mins which includes the personal medical history, family history, current health concerns, health goals, and discussing of our suggested road map for your health is chargeable at $100 and includes a set of diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your health goals.

Why should I work with a diet, nutrition, and ayurvedic lifestyle expert at LiveLifeMore?

We have the expertise, experience, and a proven success rate in Indian health concerns. You can read our customer reviews, and you will find that we offer the best-suited diet for Indian lifestyles and eating habits.

Is there an expiry date for the follow-up sessions? How can you help me maintain lost weight?

You can take as many follow-up sessions as you like, but we recommend you stick around until you have at least reached your goals. We will help you create a personalized diet plan you can use to maintain your shape even after hitting your desired number.

How long will it take for me to see the weight loss changes? What is the success rate of your diet plan?

It takes about 2-3 weeks for any noticeable changes to happen. Even if the change is small and gradual, you will get amazing results if you keep following the nutrition and lifestyle changes suggested in your weight loss or health makeover plan religiously. We have seen an impressive success rate with clients who followed their plan properly.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian?

In general parlance, nutritionists deal with common nutritional aims and behaviors, helping people navigate the complicated world of nutrition, On the other hand, the term “dietician” encompasses all those medical professionals qualified to identify health issues associated with dietary habits, diagnose eating disorders, and design custom diet plans to address medical conditions caused by insufficient or excess weight.

Would I get my first diet plan right after payment?

You will get your first diet plan in a day or two after enrolment as it usually takes 2-3 hours to design the initial plan customized according to your unique health history, taste preferences and health goals in mind.

I have food-related allergies and intolerances like gluten and lactose. Can I still follow your diet plan?

Yes! We offer tailor-made solutions that take care of all your allergies and intolerance. We also consider your medical history and underlying health problems before designing custom diet plans.

Can losing excess weight help me with underlying health conditions like PCOD, Hypothyroid, Cholesterol, or Diabetes?

Yes, definitely. If you have PCOS, weight loss can restore your ovaries’ normal functions and help in normal hormone production. Losing weight can also help patients with hypothyroidism by improving metabolic function, whereas it reduces the amount of harmful fats in the body if you have cholesterol levels. In diabetic patients, weight loss can help the insulin you produce or inject work effectively.

Will my skin sag after losing weight?

With a nutritionally sound weight loss program that we offer it is less likely for the skin to sag. Sagging skin occurs when you deprive your body of optimal nutrition in an unsupervised manner and lose weight rapidly, especially if you lose around 100 pounds or more in a short time span. It also depends on your age as a young individual’s skin snaps back sooner than an elderly person’s.

Do you give an ayurvedic diet? How can the Ayurveda diet help me get healthy?

Yes, we offer an ayurvedic diet. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian wisdom of health and wellbeing that focuses on your body’s basic nature (prakriti), suusc along with Natural ingredients used in Ayurveda pack a lot of nutrients that can aid in burning excess fat and transforming it into glucose. It is organic, harmless, and effective.

How much weight will I lose in a month?

It depends on your current weight, your body type, health history and dietary approach best suited to you and how religiously you stick to it. Nonetheless, losing 6-8 pounds in a month is a healthy goal initially. You can lose even more, but a gradual and health fat loss is what we aim at in terms of overall weight loss and not water loss or muscle loss for maintaining good health.