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Please read our guidelines carefully.

At LiveLifeMore Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic in Surrey, client consultations are taken by a certified dietician and health professional. We observe all due diligence in personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes advised after proper health evaluation and assessment; however, we emphasize that it is not a substitute for the services of a doctor or physician you consult in person.

We offer you an opportunity to transform your health and lifestyle with scientific diets and lifestyle changes based on your health concerns and fitness goals. Since it is a time-intensive effort on our part, we charge you for the expertise acquired by investing our time in the holistic health field and request you respect it. Your payment does not render us indebted to you, nor can it be used in any shape or form to take advantage of us.

The best results can be achieved only if we are sincere with each other. We expect the same sincerity from you as we put in our commitment to deliver the best. We encourage our clients to hold high standards of honesty, transparency, respect, commitment, and patience for themselves before commencing their journey and maintaining these standards throughout.

We believe in a gradual and sustainable process rather than radical lifestyle changes. Quick fixes for treating medical conditions, such as Thyroid, Hypertension, Heart disease, Diabetes, or PCOD/S, are unrealistic expectations. Please do not expect a spontaneous miracle because lifestyle changes require inculcating a resilient mindset. Although a complete cure for lifestyle-related conditions may not exist, we can definitely help you manage them with recommended diets and modifications to improve your quality of life.

We encourage you to be inquisitive to properly understand the reason for our recommendations instead of forming negative opinions. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and relevant information with you, but we do not entertain unsolicited challenges to our learnings without scientific proof. Please maintain a respectful and honourable relationship with us to achieve the desired results smoothly.

We believe in natural processes to improve your health and heal the root cause of your problems, but if needed, we may suggest health or nutritional supplements best suited for your needs. We do not sell these supplements or have any hidden margin in their sale. You can consult a physician before taking the supplements or not take them at all – it is entirely up to you.

You hereby commit to taking responsibility for your actions and understanding that the holistic health approach can only guide but not control your actual consumption against what we prescribe.

We do not guarantee or endorse time-bound weight loss plans. Our programs help you lose a safe amount of weight per month, say 2-3 kilograms, and maintain the lost weight through disciplined efforts. Our weight loss programs are not quick-fix trendy fad diets. Rather, they help you achieve permanent outcomes resulting from positive lifestyle changes.

Payments: Payments are accepted in full before the commencement of the plans.

Upgrades: Once you enrol in a program/plan, it can ONLY be upgraded within the first 2 weeks from the start date. Downgrades are not available.

Transfers: Our programs are non-transferable. Transfers may be approved if you cannot continue the program due to a medical condition or urgent reason. If approved, a standard transfer fee of CAD (in case of transfer to an existing client) or CAD (in case of transfer to a new enrollment/non-member) will be applicable for clients physically located in CANADA, not INTERNATIONALLY.

We recommend that you continue your program without any breaks, as it may affect the final results. Embrace positive lifestyle changes regardless of their challenges. Holidays/vacations, events and functions, travel plans, etc., should not hold you back from following your healthy diet. Nonetheless, if you need to pause your program for unavoidable circumstances, we advise you to contact us. Once approved, you can take a break of a maximum of 3 weeks in a 6-month program or 6 weeks in a 12-month program. This facility does not apply to 1, 2, or 3 months plans.

Missed appointments: If you miss your online appointment without notifying us, you are responsible for reaching out to us and rescheduling your next appointment.

Refunds: No Refund policy applies under any circumstances after you’ve paid for the program due to the nature of the service.