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A fit and healthy person can go a long way. No doubt you must love to eat your favorite meals but maintaining a healthy diet is the key to staying young and fit. Given how body-conscious people are now these days, they are looking for different ways to achieve the desired body shape and weight. Be it dieting or exercising; they are taking care of everything to guarantee the best for themselves. LiveLifeMore is one such center one can rely on to get professional assistance in maintaining weight and enjoying a fit body. The center is known for providing customized services to all based on their body requirements and multiple other factors. Get in touch with a holistic nutritionist in Surrey for professional assistance and a diet plan. 

Services at LiveLifeMore

When you plan to visit LiveLifeMore to begin your journey to fit your body, you will get an option to choose between the seven services. This includes.

  • Diet plan

The center is dedicated to providing customized Diet Plan for Weight Loss will help to achieve the desired body weight. Good nutrition goes a long way. After necessary testing and other essential processing, that doctor will come up with a plan to help improve the quality of Life. The recommendation might include balancing major food groups, identifying the lack of nutrients in the diet, suggestions for alternatives, and meal planning. The professional guidance and support will ensure that the body system works well and maintains the desired body weight and suitable shape .

  • Weight loss

Weight loss

Excessive weight is a major reason behind multiple health issues. LiveLifeMore has an experienced nutritionist who will help you facilitate and speed up the weight loss goals. With customized weight loss programs, the doctors ensure good results. The programs herein include nutritional counseling for better weight management and treatment. There are varying weight loss diets one can opt for. Some of the popular choices include keto, natural health, etc. Based on the body requirements and current health condition, You can search for a Diet Plan for Weight Loss to choose the right option and guidance to ensure you lose weight easily without any side effects.

  • Natural health

natural health

LiveLifeMore is a natural healthcare facility for every age group. With committed and experienced professionals, the center is here to address the underlying reasons and help achieve a fit body. After analyzing and identifying the medical condition, the Nutritionist will help to  eliminate the concern first and then will ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients for healing. The treatments are all customized and based on the patient’s specific case. The professionals will help restore health with nutrition that is all-natural and beneficial for the body. They offer comprehensive treatment to address the root cause of the medical condition in the simplest way possible. For sure, they will find a solution to your medical condition and guarantee the best results for you.

  • Holistic health


Holistic health

Irrespective of the body or health condition you are suffering from, LiveLifeMore is there to provide you with holistic health care in the form of acupuncture healing and a broad range of treatments. By making use of supplements and herbs, the specialists at the center will help with pain management, personal injury, fertility, and many other conditions. The center aims to make the patients feel the best and stay fit by providing a complete solution of integrated treatment at one location. The best part is the holistic treatment at the center is available at a highly affordable rate. The professionals are there to provide you with all the help you need to get relief. If you are looking for Holistic Nutritionist contact LLM professional and get the best service.

  • Preventive health checkup

Preventive health checkup

Taking necessary measures at the right time is the key to avoiding any hassle later. LiveLifeMore has the expertise and the technology to help identify the concerns in advance. You can visit the center for preventive health checkups and avoid any concerns for the future. Even when there is slightest concern identified, the professionals will immediately help you get the treatment that can ensure you do not face any concern later. Also, they will identify the right treatment plan like Ayurveda or any other option that will be best suited for your specific case. As a trusted center, they are dedicated to providing a safe and reliable way of improving health without any hassle.

  • Ayurveda


Ayurveda being one of the most reliable forms of treatment is one of the most trusted services you can get at LiveLifeMore. The professionals have expertise in Ayurveda. They understand how natural treatment can help the body get relief from different diseases and concerns. The professionals take all the necessary measures to identify the health condition first and then choose the Ayurvedic treatment that will work the best. Be it respiratory issues, mental health, or any other concern; Ayurvedic treatment can be extremely helpful to get relief without worrying about the side effects of medications and other treatments. With one on one consultation, the professionals will understand your concern well and provide you with the help you need.

What to expect from LiveLifeMore?

LiveLifeMore Dr Sandeep Jassal

When you visit LiveLifeMore for your health checkup or get help for a concern you are facing, the professionals there will analyze and identify your health concern. They offer subscription-based medically supervised online guidance in essential components to maintain good health and lifestyle. By making use of scientific advancements and diagnostics together, the professionals there will come up with customized plans to provide top-quality results to the patients. When you look for a nutritionist near me, you can contact us.

During your first evaluation, you will have the advantage of getting free services. However, once you start with your professional support for health and wellness, you will have to pay a subscription charge every month to continue the services. Right from individualized programs to comprehensive medical evaluations, the center is there to deliver everything in the best possible way. Besides, they also have post-treatment maintenance programs that can be continued to maintain the overall health. Generally, the treatment plan ranges between 3 months to 6 months. However, based on your medical condition, the treatment lifespan can vary. With the post-treatment maintenance programs, you can continue your success without any hassle. 

Download health form

LiveLifeMore has a team of dedicated and certified experts who can guarantee top-quality medical services for all. No matter the type of issue you are facing or your health goals, the professionals are there to guide you well and guarantee the best for you. The team includes Dr. Sandeep Jassal, Doctorate in Natural Medicine, and Dt. Pallavi Jassal, Certified Nutrition Expert who has more than two decades of experience in helping people provide the medical assistance they need. The experts are there to provide you with health solutions that are planned just for your body. They will conduct a hair mineral analysis test to identify the mineral deficiencies and toxicity present in the body. Based on the results, you will get the final help from the most experienced and certified professionals online. To date, the experts have helped thousands of people with their health gain and weight loss decisions. No doubt, the medically supervised weight loss programs from the professionals will help you feel great and achieve the results you want.

Choose a package

As no two people are the same, the health goals and decisions differ. Some people might like the natural options, while others might prefer something else. It is thus vital to get a better idea about the available package options and then choose the one that is best suited for your requirement or your body goals. The center is here to provide you with the best treatment suitable for your body’s needs and time. They have certified and experienced professionals who will customize the right treatment plan and will help you choose a package that will work the best for you. The package you choose will include a customized diet plan, lifestyle changes, and any other professional advice that can help you with your body goals. Besides, they also offer post-treatment maintenance plans that can be customized to guarantee the effectiveness of the entire process. You must schedule an appointment and consult a doctor first. After analyzing and diagnosing your medical condition, the health professionals will guide you well in choosing the right package.

  • Keto diet plan

Keto diet plan

The Keto diet plan is suitable for those who are willing to lose weight. The plan includes customized meal instructions that will help boost the effectiveness of the weight loss program. It is meant to reduce the carbohydrate diet. Also, it will help understand the exercises that one can perform to burn stored fat. The professionals are dedicated to helping the patients safely lose weight and helping them understand how to keep it forever. For customized keto diet plan Surrey contact LLM.

  • Natural health plan

Natural health plan

The natural health plan is designed to help reclaim health through a uniquely integrated approach that is absolutely safe and reliable. The package here is built to meet the body requirements and medical conditions. Be it an acute disease or chronic condition, natural treatment plants can help get relief. It will include herbal supplements, nutritional changes, diet regulations, and lifestyle counseling to help the patients achieve optimal health.

  • Holistic health plan

Holistic health plan

LiveLifeMore specializes in providing holistic care. The plan is focused on an approach to help improve health and wellness. With holistic treatments, the center is here to provide remedies for different health conditions related to lifestyle, digestive system, bones, etc. The holistic plan will help tackle the root cause of the issue. This will include certain supplements, herbal remedies, and treatments like acupuncture and lifestyle changes to get relief. Get in touch with a holistic nutritionist in Surrey ,they will provide the best advice.

Three month price of a diet plan is less than the cost of your coffee.

For people who are willing to lose weight or gain some kilos for achieving the desired body goals, a 3-month diet plan is suitable. The best part is LiveLifeMore offers a customized plan that will guarantee you achieve your results in the shortest time possible without any hassle. Not to mention the cost of the 3 months diet plan is a lot more affordable and can be a perfect fit for every purchase. Further, once you have achieved your desired goal, you can continue with the maintenance program to boost the effectiveness and ensure that the results last forever.


With a 3 month diet, you can expect to get customized meal plan assistance from the professionals and certain lifestyle changes, dietary supplements, and many other things that can help boost the program’s effectiveness. Also, the professional will guide you about certain exercises that will be helpful for you and can be performed right at home. No doubt the highlight still remains to be the affordable pricing which will be a lot cheaper than the cost of your coffee you will consume in 3 months.

Six month price of a diet plan is less than the cost of your coffee

Diet consultation

No doubt there are multiple packages and diet plans one can opt for. However, a six-month diet plan will be best suited for those who have a long-term goal of achieving the desired body. Also, it is recommended for those people who face difficulty in losing weight or are suffering from any health conditions that require continuous professional assistance. Based on your specific condition, the 6-month diet plan will have all the essentials one needs to stay healthy and improve wellness. These can be dietary changes, lifestyle changes, etc. As mentioned earlier, the cost of the programs herein is a slot affordable. In fact, the first consultation is offered for free, which makes things absolutely worth it.

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Anyone who is interested in losing weight or achieving the desired body can visit the website to check out the available details and contact the center for additional information. For sure, with professional assistance and services, one can expect to get a good health and wellness result in a short time. Inquiry Now!