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December 1, 2022
Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss
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The Indian diet plan might sound new and unfamiliar, but it is all about balancing the macro- and micronutrients in your existing dietary habits. Indian, or South Asian food generally, is characterized by a high carbohydrate and sugar intake, a decent amount of fat, and inadequate protein. Every nutrition consultant will tell you that the best way to make the most of the South Asian food culture is to learn how to differentiate food groups based on nutrients, allocate portion sizes, and know what should be consumed and when.

Breaking Down the Desi Diet

About 34% of the Indian population practices vegetarianism, which has influenced the Indian diet plan for weight loss to be largely plant-based. Although the food culture varies across different regions in the country, the general consensus favours Lacto-vegetarian guidelines. The diet is a combination of four major food groups:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs, meat, dairy, and fish
  • Cereals and pulses
  • Fats and oils

You have to create a balance between these groups, so you get the right amount of calories daily and control unhealthy fat accumulation. Indian meals are known to be versatile, so you can easily substitute ingredients to cook healthy meals. Moreover, the nutritional value of the meals is enhanced by traditional cooking techniques, including sprouting, malting, and fermentation. 

The Benefits of an Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

There are several health benefits associated with a desi diet. First and foremost, it helps you lose weight without sacrificing delicious foods. The flavorful meals are the courtesy of aromatic spices, which have incredible medicinal properties and help improve the quality of your life just as much as they enhance the taste of your food. Turmeric is a magical spice, added in almost all Indian dishes, and is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antibacterial properties.

Since an Indian diet plan for weight loss is more or less plant-based, it has been proven to reduce risks of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Most of the traditional ingredients are rich in functional components like antioxidants, healthy fibres, probiotics, and body-healing chemicals that assist in blood sugar control, proper cortisol levels, and immune system support.

Additionally, Indian spices and herbs encourage a healthy gut and intestines, resulting in proper digestive function. When your metabolism performs properly, it will help your weight loss journey. Hence, a desi diet for weight loss is not a short-term solution like fad diets but a sustainable program.

How to Create the Perfect Desi Diet for Weight Loss

Consulting the best dietician for weight loss is the correct way to start your weight loss journey. The dietician can design a healthy roadmap based on scientific facts and your unique requirements. You can find low-calorie and nutrient-rich food recipes online or experiment with different ingredients yourself! The best part about an Indian diet is that it can effectively accommodate your food preferences, allergies, and intolerances. Whether you are non-vegetarian, vegetarian, or vegan, you will find suitable meal plans easily!

Consult the best dieticians to determine a personalized diet plan at LiveLifeMore Ideal Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic in Surrey. With years of experience working in India and curating custom weight loss solutions, we have honed the art of Indian dieting. You can book a free consultation and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle with our certified dieticians.

Whether you are Indian or not, you can benefit from this diet plan – it will be a flavorful and satisfying journey!

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