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Obesity has become one of the major concerns at this present time. It can cause your self-confidence to dwindle, resulting in several health problems, from heart problems to arthritis. With more studies about obesity, people are becoming self-conscious and finding the best ways to eliminate excess fat. However, the rigorous routines that most must follow comprise a strict diet, heavy-duty exercises, and a hard routine to keep up with.

But at Live Life More, we do not follow this trend. Our total weight loss and wellness center is based on principles of natural weight loss, which is why we have incorporated ayurvedic potential to reduce body weight over time significantly.

How obesity is harmful?

Since obesity is a major lifestyle concern, many people question whether it is at all a problematic topic or not. Obesity has different effects on different people. And the symptoms or damage cannot be known until it’s too late. This is why our nutritionist near me focuses on developing an awareness program through which they can make people aware of the dangers of being obese.

First, it can introduce cardiac problems because excess fat is deposited within the arteries and veins. This narrows the blood vessels, causing the heart to pump blood with great force. It results in heart attacks, strokes, and so on. Apart from this, obesity also causes a problem in your body posture, especially the knees and hips, because these two bones handle most of your weight,

Why do we choose Ayurveda for weight loss?

Our diet plan for weight loss consists of several natural food items that you can find in nature. We believe these ayurvedic ingredients pack a lot of nutrients that can aid in burning excess fat and transforming it into glucose. To speed up this process, our dietician can offer a keto diet plan for weight loss in Surrey.

If you are looking for the best nutritionist for weight loss, connect with us because, unlike others, we believe in the power of Ayurveda, especially for weight loss surrey BC. Our meal plan is divided into multiple sections for morning, afternoon, evening, and dinner. We have included special food items that have ingredients sourced from ayurvedic knowledge. For example, we focus on shikakai and amla because they boost digestion and aid in weight loss.

This is why our ideal diet program is known to be the best, as it utilizes the power of ayurvedic ingredients to lower body weight over a certain time frame. Although the effects cannot be seen at the weariest, we assure you the results will be as per your expectations.

What will you get with us?

· Our health plan to lose weight includes different ayurvedic products to kick start metabolism and fat burning.

· We focus on burning fat more because when the carb is stored in your body, it won’t cause much damage. But if carbohydrate is considered the first energy creator, excess fat will be stored, resulting in obesity.

· With our weight loss clinic in Surrey, you won’t have to worry about any adverse effects.

· Our nutritionists have years of experience and know-how to deal with customized weight loss plans for different people.

Why choose LiveLifeMore for a healthy lifestyle?

LiveLifeMore is your one-stop destination for attaining a healthy lifestyle. A renowned weight loss clinic offering holistic health consultation by expert nutritionists. We have a skilled team of professionals who are certified in Natural medicines & weight-loss counseling to give the right advice to patients. Our range of services includes – Diet Plan, Keto Diet, Weight loss, Natural Health, Holistic Health, Ayurveda, Preventive Health Checkups, and more. Our expert-designed custom diet plan has helped thousands of people in losing excessive weight and opening the door to a fit and healthy life for them. Get access to a healthy life with our personalized health programs and improve the quality of your life.

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